Renew Central is the premier partner for Licensing Boards. We understand occupational licensing enhances the quality of services delivered to the public. Professional licensure assures that a license holder has met certain minimum requirements, including education, experience, and examination for competent practice of that profession. Regular license renewal then holds that professional to certain standards of practice and levels of experience and knowledge. To keep a license, these practitioners must continue to adhere to the ethical guidelines, standards of practice, educational requirements, and regulations pertaining to their professions.

Licensed professionals make the world work. Business, healthcare, education, government, and scientific professionals add value to our lives every day. We are grateful for their work and want to help make their lives better in return.

Our mission at Renew Central is simple: Make the renewal process better. We partner with licensing boards to make the license renewal process efficient, transparent, and meaningful. We provide the most actionable, easy-to-use website and most thorough data insights in the industry. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our commitment to being a great partner.


We are here to simplify and improve the renewal process by connecting the licensed professional, the licensing boards, and the education providers via an easy-to-use website.


A great culture starts with a clearly defined vision of a worthwhile objective. At Renew Central, our purpose is simple: To be a good partner and to create a compliance “easy renewal site” for the Licensed Professional, Licensing Boards, and CE Providers. Our focus on an inclusive, team-oriented culture allows Renew Central to deliver superior service. We understand our values influence behavior, which in turn drives customer service.



We are, and promise to always be truthful and ethical in every way we conduct business. If we say it… we do it.


Our job is to be a great partner and provide products that improve decision-making, efficiency, and controls. We accept accountability to deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

Customer Service

We are an enthusiastic, long-term partner to our customers. Bottom line -- We’re not happy unless our customers are happy.

We believe that people are the greatest asset of any organization. As such, we are fanatical about recruiting a diverse, talented workforce. Finally, we provide a flexible work environment to ensure work/life balance, community involvement and most importantly job satisfaction. Our team members understand the importance of their value to the organization and our customers.